Post-Sex Pet Peeves from 18 Remarkably Candid Women

Avoid these blunders to keep her coming back for more.


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After laying the groundwork for weeks, you finally sealed the deal with that smokin’ new chick. You had fun. She had fun. But for some reason, she doesn’t seem interested in going at it again. But before you freak and assume that your performance is to blame for her loss of interest, you may want to consider what you did after the grand finale that could have turned her off  from the idea of a second rendezvous. In fact, most women are willing to overlook a sub-par performance in bed. However, giving a second chance to a dude who made major a faux-pas after the deed was done is far less likely. Why? In a phrase: Sex skills can be refined, being an inconsiderate a**, typically can’t. 

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To ensure all of your lady lovers will want to come back for more, we asked 18 remarkably candid women to reveal their biggest post-sex pet peeves. Read on to get in the know, do better next time, and we can practically guarantee she’ll be begging for round two.

1) When He Calls Me an Uber

"After sex, this guy I went home with immediately asked me if I was planning to stay over. Before I could even get a word out — or put my clothes on for that matter — he offered to get me an Uber. Needless to say, I never texted him again." — Jeanne, NH

2) When He Immediately Texts His Friends

"I was hooking up with this guy who would immediately start texting his friends to make plans for the night after we had just had sex. And most of the time he didn't even invite me to hang out with him. Hello! I'm still here. Making plans with other people and excluding me is rude. At least wait until I leave." — Diane, WA

3) When He Passes Out Right After

"I can't stand it when he rolls over and falls asleep instantly after we finish. I get that great sex takes a lot out of you (literally and figuratively), but the least you can do is be the big spoon after you've toweled off." — Jean, NY