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Hero Maker: Celebrity Trainer Duffy Gaver's Keys To Success

The ex-Navy SEAL who trained Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth knows how to get results—and held back nothing when he spoke to M&F.


You might not know Duffy Gaver, but you know his work. The ex-Navy SEAL sniper-turned personal trainer worked his celebrity transformation magic on Brad Pitt (Troy), Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers), and more. Here, he spells out the difference between people who succeed and those who fail—with the no-nonsense candor that only a SEAL can really get away with. This is Duffy in his own words:

“I hear this one all the time: ‘What do you think of Bulletproof Coffee?’ Every trend that comes along, somebody is not only doing it, but somebody is trying to capitalize on it. So someone else has their version of Bulletproof Coffee. Everybody wants to be the go-to pro. So when people ask me what I think of whatever the new thing is, I say, ‘It wasn’t here last month, and a lot of really fit people were here last month. So it’s unnecessary.’ To me, it’s all distraction."

Larry Scott won the first Mr. Olympia in 1965. There was no Bulletproof Coffee. There was no Nike. There was no Hammer Strength. There was no Ripped Fuel. So if all of these things didn’t exist, but he could still achieve that… wow. What did he do to come up with that? He had his will, his discipline, and his desire. The three things they cannot market to you. They play on those things to market their products. But they can’t market those things to you, because those are yours. They are either in your wheel house or they are not. And you either get your handle on them, or you’re doomed. I don’t care how much product you take, I don’t care how much equipment you own, if you can’t get a handle on those three things, go home. It goes back to this whole list of firsts: first four-minute mile, first iron man triathlon, and first world’s strongest man. All of these events took place before 99% of the companies today even existed. So what does that tell you? That none of those things are necessary."

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