Walk into Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym and you’ll never want to leave. Not only does the Long Island, NY, gym have everything you need to get jacked, it’s one of the few hardcore bodybuilding gyms that’s also fastidiously organized and neat. “This is a hardcore gym, but when you’re done with your weights you put them away,” says Steve Weinberger, NPC NY-NJ district chairman and IFBB/NPC judge, who built the gym out of a warehouse with co-owner Bev Francis.

Make The Pilgrimage

The 30,000-foot facility is a virtual wall of equipment, all of which stands up to the most rigorous standards. “We used to go to trade shows where we both tried pieces, and we had to like them so we knew everyone could use them,” says Francis, a six- time world champion powerlifter. The bottom line: If you love to train, make the pilgrimage.

Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym is located at 235-C Robbins Lane, Syosset, NY. The daily rate is $20; $79 for a month. For more info, check out bevfrancis.com.