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Jared Leto Gets Pumped for 'Suicide Squad' Role

If there's one thing we know about the next Batman feature, it's this: Joker's guns are no joke.

Jared Leto Selfie The Joker

Yeah, that's the same Jared Leto who won an oscar for his role as Rayon, an emaciated, HIV-positive transgender woman in Dallas Buyer's Club. It's no wonder that comic fans were caught off guard when hearing that Leto would be introduced as the classic Batman villain The Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

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Clearly, the Acadamy Award winner goes to the extreme to get into character for each new role -- evidenced by this selfie he recently shared on his Instagram page. As if The Joker wasn't frightening enough; look at the pipes on this guy. No doubt Leto spent a lot of time in the gym bulking up his upper body with chest routines and arm workouts like this.

He's not the only comic book character to get big and ripped. Here's the workout Chris Hemsworth used to build the intimidating physique of Thor, and Henry Cavill's routine to become the Man of Steel.

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