There is no single training template that Mark Twight provides to his clients. As with all training programs at Gym Jones, the Man of Steel workout was constantly varied, and no two workouts were ever exactly the same. 

The workout you see below is one of the more intense sessions Cavill performed five months into his training. Most of his sessions were performed with either Twight or his assistant, Michael Blevins, providing guidance—and sometimes working in. On a few occasions, the film plot crept over into the gym and Cavill was thrown into a competitive workout against his on-screen nemesis, Michael Shannon, who plays General Zod.


1 – Warm-Up

Row for 5 minutes at light intensity 


Row for 5 minutes at intervals: 10-second sprint, 50 seconds slow 

2 – Six-Exercise Barbell Complex* 

Deadlift // Bentover Row // Hang Clean // Front Squat // Push Press // Back Squat x 6,6,4,3

*Perform four total complexes, never putting the bar down during the set. Start with a deadlift, then perform a bentover row, and so on. Put the bar down and rest 2–3 minutes between complexes. 
Cavill did the following: 
a) Six reps at 75 pounds // b) Six reps at 95 pounds // c) Four reps at 115 pounds // d) Three reps at 135 pounds 

3 –  Superset x 10

Back Squat: 3 reps using 225 pounds 


100-meter row at a sprint pace 

4 – Finisher

5 sets of push-ups to failure, resting 30 seconds between sets

(On this particular day, Cavill’s reps were 25, 21, 10, 7, 10)

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