The world’s #1-ranked MMA fighter and his pro football player brothers are all at the top of their game thanks to their superior physical conditioning and the MuscleTech® supplements that fuel their elite performance.

Before Sunday’s AFC championship game in Foxborough, MA between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, long-time MuscleTech spokesman and UFC champion fighter Jon “Bones” Jones cheered on his defensive end brothers, Arthur (Colts) and Chandler (Patriots), as they battled for the chance to play in Super Bowl XLIX.

“My brothers are both looking to play the game of their lives, so they’ve got to be in peak performance mode,” says Jon. “I know they take their training seriously and I wish them both luck,” Jon said before the playoff game. Both Joneses came up big, but it was Chandler and the New England Patriots who ultimately prevailed.

It’s all about maximizing athletic performance, and Jones trusts MuscleTech supplements to help him play the game at an elite level. “The NITRO-TECH® formula is made for real athletes,” says Chandler. “It’s the highest quality formula for putting on muscle and recovering from hard training.”

As for the UFC champ, he’s been using MuscleTech for years. “It helps him prepare for his biggest fights in the octagon,” says his brother Arthur, “and his performance speaks for itself.”

MuscleTech’s “Keep Up with the Joneses” campaign marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic sports nutrition brand known worldwide for its dedication to science-backed formulations For more information on “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” visit