We’ve seen lots of talented little kids show off their skills on the football field, but this one has to be the most impressive. Not just because this player has racked up some unbelievable stats (see below), but also because this running back happens to be an 8-year-old girl in an all boys league.

In this amazing highlight video, you’ll see just how dominant little (under 4-feet tall) Sam Gordon is on the gridiron. She’s like a mini Barry Sanders or Reggie Bush, shooting the gap, shedding tackles, and turning on the jets to break away from the defense. She also proves she can take a hit, and get right back up to compete.

We’re not sure how long she can keep putting up these sick numbers, but it sure is fun to watch now.

Sam’s 2012 rushing stats: 232 carries, 1911 yards, 8.2 yds. per carry, 35 TDs.