Kent State linebacker Andre Parker carved himself out a chapter in the book of college football infamy last week when he made the play in the clip below during his team's 41-21 win over Towson.

At first glance, this 58-yard run shows Parker's nice speed and agility as he tears down the field, until you realize he's running the wrong way.

However, no one was hurt, his team still went on to win and the only thing that took a really serious hit was his pride.

The only consolation was that as dumb as Andre was to run the wrong way, the Towson players who took him down as he charged back to his own end zone were ever dumber!

Parker's humiliation was saved a little by the officials, who reportedly called back the play to where he picked up the ball as a player is not allowed to advance a muffed punt (in any direction).

More power to you, Andre, and remember: always move forward!