It's usually not a good idea to take on a car with your bicycle…even if it's a small car and you think you can jump over it. However, that didn't stop our first cyclist from making the attempt. Not sure what was going through his mind right before impact, but pretty sure it wasn't slamming head first into the pavement. 

Clearly not the best form, but give him an "A" for effort. Who knows if he'll have the courage or stupidity to try this stunt again, but if so you can be sure someone will be there to capture every bone breaking moment.


As an added bonus, we went back a couple years to find this epic bike jumping gem. You think the first guy had to deal with some injuries, check out  what this high-flyer endured on his attempted rooftop launch. 

With some seriously high aspirations, this guy came within just a few inches of pulling off an incredible jump. However, those few inches cost him dearly as you're about to see.