A five time Pro Bowler, New York Jets center Nick Mangold has proven he can hang with the best at the line of scrimmage. The 8-year NFL veteran has started almost every game he has played and knows how to get it done in the gym. Check out what the 6’4”, 307-pound M&F Strength Team Member thinks of Super Bowl XLVIII, how he’s training for 2014 and a “who can lift the most” story from the Jets’ weight room.

What are your thoughts about Super Bowl XLVIII being played at MetLife Stadium?

I’m excited about it but it adds an extra level of disappointment because you’re disappointed that you’re not in the game. It would be pretty fun to play in a cold Super Bowl. I’m excited for it, the people of the area are excited and it seems like the people that have traveled in are having a good time, which is great.

How are you spending Super Bowl weekend?

I’ll be in New York. Metlife is doing the Road to the Super Bowl and some former and current NFL players and I sang the national anthem. It was a lead up to the commercial and just a patriotic piece before the national anthem.

What aspects of the Super Bowl will you be focused on most?

I would like to see how the offensive lines do. To me it is an interesting part of the game.

Does weather affect your play on the field?

Rain does. The ball can get wet and soaked and weighs a little bit different. When it rains, guys get slick, especially at Metlife with the turf. The turf stays good so the defensive guys don’t slow down.

What are your predictions for the Super Bowl?

I am going to stick with the AFC and go with the Denver Broncos.

What changes do you plan on making to your strength and conditioning going into the 2014 season?

I’m focusing on protecting body parts like my shoulders and ankles. We had a good program last year for my shoulders so we’ll continue with that protection regimen.

Run us through some of the things you’ll be working on in the gym and on the field.

On the field, agility movements and close area explosion. In the weight room, your normal lifts like squat and bench. I will also do a lot of pushing and pulling with rubber bands to work my shoulders.

What is one piece of training advice you would give any aspiring athlete?

Jump rope. I did it all the time in high school. I didn’t have great coordination and that was a big help for using the feet the way you’re supposed to. 

Do you plan on any changes to your game going into 2014?

There is always room for improvement on run and pass protection so you’re always trying to improve or else you’ll just get worse.

What is one crazy story from the weight room?

Years ago we were testing on squats and we were supposed to find a weight where we could do 6-8 reps. We had a tight end on the team at the time who thought he could out-lift anyone. He did it nine times and got off. I waited behind then went up there and got nine. Then, I asked, “How much did he lift?” He did nine reps. So, I did one more and it just made him completely explode. He was so mad. I told him I could out-squat him forever and it bothered him greatly.