This 6-Year-Old Weightlifter Definitely has Better Form Than You

It’s obvious that John Durant has a college strength coach as a father.

John Durant Lifting Weights
Instagram/ coachdurant

John Durant might be the baddest 6-year-old on the planet.

The young weightlifter is the son of Matt Durant, who is the head strength and conditioning coach at the University of La Verne. Matt first started John off with a broom to get his form correct, gradually moved him up to the bar, then began to add weights. 

He’s obviously not lifting a ton, but he has excellent form on his cleans, snatches, and squats

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The best part of the clip above is the fact that John has already been training for two years.

In addition to working out himself, John also takes part in helping the team. Here, he's seen helping the players with some resistance training

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