AC Milan soccer star Kevin-Prince Boateng proved that a strong mind is as important as a strong body during a friendly game between his side and fellow Italian side Pro Patria on Thursday.

In the 26th minute of the first half he picked up a pass on the left wing, and as he got ready to make a play, some racist fans hurled abuse at him.

Boateng decided that enough was enough, picked up the ball and kicked it into the stand. He then took off his shirt off and walked off the field.

Once his teammates realized that he was serious, they all followed suit to the sound of applause from all the real fans in attendance.

AC Milan Director Umberto Gandini took to Twitter to applaud the actions of his squad.

“Very proud of the Milan players who decided to walk off the pitch today for racist abuse from few idiots! No racism, no stupidity!”

Meanwhile, according to the Telegraph, AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri told reporters why his team took this course of action:

“Milan play for the right to respect all players. We need to stop these uncivilized gestures.

“We are sorry for all the other fans who came here for a beautiful day of sport. We promise to return, and we are sorry for the club and players of Pro Patria, but we could not make any other decision.

Former Arsenal legend and current Manchester City ambassador Patrick Vieira was also wholesome in his praise for the Ghanaian’s response to ignorance.

“It was brave of Kevin Prince Boateng to do what he did today, and it was the right thing. We need to stand up and stand together. Well done. Now is the time for the football authorities to stand up and do something. We need to see real actions that will have a genuine influence. “

For too long soccer players in Europe have had to suffer abuse from a minority of racist fans at games across the continent.

With his actions today, Boateng had sent a message to those who shame the most popular sport on the planet, saying, “If you don’t stop, then we will.”

Check out the clip here: