This knockout from amateur fighter Ahmad “The Black Panther” Jones is going viral for obvious reasons. First of all, we don’t know how his opponent is doing, so we hope he has recovered from this devastating salvo of punches.

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Second of all, holy KO, what a sensational finish. Jones set up the finish beautifully by mixing his range of jabs. He starts with a single to the body, then a body-head double jab, then a head-body double jab. At this stage, Jones clocks that his opponent is pushing his left hand out and not bringing it back to protect his chin. Now Jones goes for it, flicking out a body jab; his opponent takes the bait and Jones launches an overhand right to his adversary’s unprotected chin.

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With his opponent out cold on his feet, Jones unleashes a hellacious one-two combination to floor the poor guy (it is a pity the referee wasn’t a little closer to the action, but it did happen very quickly). Again, we hope the young man is ok after taking those last shots, but with the win, Jones, who reportedly fights at 201 pounds, moves to 3-0. Future opponents have been warned…

Here it is again: