We all know once Arnold puts his mind to something, it normally comes to pass. From becoming one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, then a mega movie star in Hollywood and finally Governor of California, the man knows a lot about turning dreams into reality.

Now, it would seem that Arnold wants to give back to Mother Earth, as he has reportedly invested on making his Hummers eco-friendly.

“I still drive my Hummers, but now they are all on hydrogen and bio-fuel. We need to send a message that we can live the same life, just with cleaner technology,” he said, according to RTV6, citing his early days in Austria as the genesis of his connection to the environment.

“Growing up in my house, we knew about sustainability before it was hip. We called it ‘necessity’. We didn’t have video games, televisions or iPhones. We had the rolling hills, the castles, the ruins, and the beautiful lakes. Even after I made it big and became Governor of California, I held on to this love of nature.”

The 65-year-old told the Huffington Post that his commitment to the environment was the latest stage in his incredible life story. “When I was a little boy in Austria, all I could think about was moving to America, to become the greatest bodybuilder champion in the world and make millions of dollars and be an action hero,” said Schwarzenegger.

“My dream became reality. Who knew my greatest achievement would be in the real world fighting for a green energy future? Green energy wasn’t even in my vocabulary.”

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