Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a love/love relationship with Reddit. From using it as a medium to communicate with his fans – he used Reddit to confirm a legendary story about the generosity of Andre the Giant and invite fans to submit requests for him to quote some of their favorite Schwarzenegger movie lines – he has now teamed up with the Reddit and Youtube to promote his efforts to raise money for school kids.

The Oak is putting his money where his mouth is to help the After-School All-Stars, whose mission is to “provide comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed.” As he says in the video: “For every dollar that you raise or sent to us, I match one dollar. How about that? Up to $500,000. Let’s get going, let’s put some muscle into that fundraiser.”

Yep, Arnold isn’t playing here, he is in for a cool half million! By the way, he also delivers another of his legendary movie lines in this video, but we are not going to tell you which one, you’ll have to watch to find out! To donate to this worthy cause and enter for your chance to ride with Arnold in his tank, check out