Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to Reddit. From a fan Q&A session to highlighting the amazing performance of a wounded warrior at the Arnold Festival, he regularly interacts with other users on the social news website. This time round he popped up to confirm the reputation of the late great Andre the Giant as a man who was generous to a fault.

It all started when Reddit user qw1ks1lv3r posted the following: “André the Giant was known to pay for his meal, regardless of whether he was the host or the guest. As Arnold Schwarzenegger was about to pay for the meal “[he] found himself being physically lifted, carried back to his table and deposited in his seat by Andre, who stated emphatically, ‘I pay’.”

Little did qw1ks1lv3r know, but Arnold himself (userneame GovSchwarzenegger) came on to Reddit to validate the story, with a twist: “I can confirm this story is basically true. It is missing Wilt Chamberlain’s involvement, which was never paying and then acting like he had planned to pay this time, and helping Andre carry me all the way outside to drop me on a car.”

Arnold also tweeted about the story to his followers:

Arnold, Andre and Wilt Chamberlain all starred in Conan The Destroyer, the 1984 sequel to Conan the Barbarian. As we scoured the Internet for interesting tid-bits, we happened across this interview that Arnold did with Grantland, during which our executive editor talks about that meal and how much Wilt Chamberlain used to lift on a triceps extension. Check it out:

We also couldn’t resist this clip of Andre the Giant, playing Dagoth in the movie, laying Conan down with an, uh, open-webbed slap:

Nor could we stop ourselves from posting this clip of Conan’s epic fight with Wilt Chamberlain’s Bombaata.