Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Columbus, Ohio, on October 6 for a re-dedication ceremony of a bronze statue erected in the city in his honor. The 600-pound, 8-foot piece, which was originally dedicated to The Oak in 2012, was moved from Franklin County Veterans Memorial to the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

The seven-time Mr. Olympia received the honor as Columbus has hosted the annual Arnold Sports Festival since 1989. The event is held every year around February/March and is important to the local economy—last year’s event brought an estimated $42.3 million to the region.

Of course, Columbus was also where Arnold won Mr. World in 1970, edging out Sergio Oliva. Arnold shared the photo above with the following message: “Thank you to Governor Kasich, Mayor Coleman and all of the local leaders and fans who attended the statue dedication today in Columbus. As I said today, this statue isn’t just about physical strength—it is a reminder to always have a strong mind, to do as Apple says and Think Different. And I meant what I said: the @ArnoldSports is in Columbus to stay.”


Arnold Schwarzenegger Statue Dedication

Arnold Statue Dedication Ceremony in Columbus

And here is the statue in all its glory!

Arnold Statue Dedication Ceremony in Columbus

Here is Arnold in action at the 1970 Mr. World in Columbus:

All photos courtesy of Daniel Ketchell