Kevin Ferguson Jr. is taking his first steps into the professional world of MMA, just as his father, Kimbo Slice, did. The fighter competed in his first amateur MMA debut earlier this year; coming away with a win and showing some real fighting chops in the ring.

“I was always around the fight business and everything, so I saw it and I understood what was going on,” he told the AP (Via ESPN), “I just knew without a doubt that one day, this was what I wanted to do.”

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However, Baby Slice, as he has been referred to, notes that he wasn’t always focused on fighting. Ferguson Jr. exclaimed that he wanted to party and hangout during college, only training once a week. It wasn’t until he met Antonio McKee, a former fighter, that he found his missing link to a succesful MMA career.

“Antonio just changed the game for me,” Ferguson said. “He understood what I needed, and he understands the science behind it all.” We’ll have to see if success runs in the family. Stay tuned.