The one and only Michael Jordan celebrates his 50th birthday today. Few would argue that His Airness was the greatest basketball player in NBA history. MJ won an amazing six NBA championships throughout his illustrious career. His will to win combined with his incredible talents on the court made him an unstoppable force. And while Larry Bird and Magic Johnson gave new life to a struggling league, it was Michael Jordan who launched the NBA to the stratosphere.  

Along with his 6  titles, Jordan also put up some incredible personal stats, including a 37 point per game average during one season, a 50 percent or better field goal average five years in a row, and an amazing ten triple-doubles in eleven games. The man was money, and could always be counted on to come through in the clutch. 

Will there ever be another Michael Jordan? Some say Kobe Bryant and Lebron James may be worthy of being the heir apparent, but so far it’s pretty clear that MJ remains as the greatest professional basketball player of all time. He could shoot, rebound, pass, score, and dunk.

Check out some of his all time best dunks in the clip below.