Sure, he looks fantastic on our September cover, but our story on WWE star Batista isn’t just about how he built his physique. In addition to learning about Batista’s training split, exercise selection and penchant for pummeling things during Muay Thai practice, you’ll also get to hear about how he used to weigh 370 pounds, bounced for a living and idolized Bruce Lee. You can read it all in the September issue of M&F, on newsstands August 4. Below are a few web-exclusive bonuses that you won’t read in print.

M&F: During your interview with M&F, you mentioned that you rehabbed your arm with other pro athletes. Who was going through physical therapy with you?

Batista: Oh, man. It was like an all-star cast of athletes there. Drew Brees, Will Demps, Freddie Mitchell. We actually had fun.

M&F: What was it like hanging out with a bunch of NFL stars?

Batista: It was cool. Just a lot of jocks messing around. It was a very frat house-like atmosphere.

M&F: What was your nutrition like while you were in rehab? Did you stick to your normal workout diet?

Batista: I ate the same as I usually do… Healthy foods and my Nutrabolics supplements. They kept me going while I recovered.

M&F: What did you guys do when you weren’t rehabbing?

Batista: We stayed in this golf community and a lot of those guys were just jonesing to play golf. We talked a lot about cars, motorcycles and stuff.

M&F: When you came back from the injury, your fans went crazy. Does anything stand out from that night you came back?

Batista: It was awesome. I remember all the signs people had showing there support for me.

M&F: What did the signs say?

There were all kinds. A bunch of women had the ‘Batista Will You Marry Me?’ signs. I remember one guy had a random sign that said ‘I Saw Batista At Wal-mart!.’ I thought it was weird, but he probably did. I’m always there.


1. He credits Triple H and Ric Flair for helping turn him into a World Heavyweight Champion.

2. He collects metal lunchboxes, his favorite being a 1967 Green Hornet box with Bruce Lee’s face on the front

3. The tattoo Batista has on his left deltoid is of the Greek and Phillippino flags merged into one

4. Batista once appeared on an episode of Family Feud with other WWE stars

5. Before Batista wanted to be a bodybuilder, he was a lifeguard.

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