Marvel has been on fire lately. With Thor: Ragnarok set to drop on November 3, the universe has added a Netflix show to its upcoming slate.

The path between Netflix and Marvel is well-traveled. The DefendersJessica Jones, and Luke Cage have all enjoyed success on the streaming platform. 

Thor: Ragnarok’ Contender Spot Debuts During NFL Season Opener

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Spot Debuts During NF...

Marvel Studios released the latest spot, 'Contender,' for the upcoming superhero flick to the pro fo...

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Spinning off the success of yet another collaboration in Daredevil comes The Punisher starring Jon Bernthal. The leading man is putting his zombie-killing prowess he showcased on The Walking Dead aside for the time being in exchange for more traditional violence. 

The new trailer for the series features Bernthal decked out with enormous guns, other people’s blood, and the classicly symbolic Punisher T-shirt. 

WATCH: First Trailer for Marvel's Next Nefflix Series 'The Punisher'

WATCH: First Trailer for Marvel’s Next Netfl...

Get ready for some bone-crunching payback.

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If the heart-pounding action overlayed on top of intense Metallica doesn’t get you fired up for this series, then it’s hard to say what will. 

Check out the new trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher below.