Check Out Rory McIlroy's 436-Yard Drive!

The Irish golfing superstar drove the ball the equivalent of 4.36 American football fields!

Rory McIlroy

Golf might not be your go-to weekend sport for watching, but check out this 436-yard drive from Irish golfer Rory McIlroy during Thursday's first round of the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open. It takes a lot of strength to hit a golf ball that far, and according to, 22 different muscles are used in the golf swing.'s Connell Barrett interviewed Rory McIlroy's trainer Steve McGregor in 2012, and McGregor explained that when the pair started working in 2010, the left side of the golfer's body was significantly weaker than the other. A lot of the work they did at the start was to rectify this. "Rory works out five times per week, 90 minutes per day. We don't give [regimen] specifics -- he sees his fitness as part of his competitive advantage. But we train indoors, outdoors, with weights, on the treadmill, doing sprints, and he swims when he's near the beach." 

After his work with McGregor, McIlroy lost 10 pounds of body fat and gained 20 pounds of muscle mass, and he has maintained his fitness and strength levels to this day (as we can see in the video). McGregor went on to detail how their work together impacted the golfer's game.

"The benefits? His clubhead speed has increased, he's driving it longer. He can hit it harder without losing balance. He looks more stable in his swing, and he's getting more yardage with less effort."

Pretty interesting, right? Check out the incredible drive from today.

Before Tiger Woods, there were few golfers who hit the gym. Now, working out in the gym is a crucial part of preparation for the majority of pro athletes. Remember, it was the late Frank "Toledo Strongman" Stranahan who is credited with bringing the concept of using weights to build strength and muscle to the sport, and fitness fanatic and nine-time major champion Gary Player has always extolled the virtues of being in top shape to get the most out of one's game.

For those of you who like to play a round, check out what you can do in the gym to improve your golf game. On his YouTube channel, McIlory explains what he works on in the gym to help him on the course. In his own words: "Here are 5 exercises that help my golf - hopefully they can help you too: Bench Press, Inside Grip Pull-Ups, Wide Grip Pull-Ups, Hanging Leg Raises, Swiss Ball Pikes. Done correctly they are great for strength and stability." Here he is following that routine:

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