The plank really does separate the men from the boys when it comes to core strength. For anyone who has done one, or suffered through one, the pain is real. Well, Mao Weidong has a high threshold for pain. According to the Telegraph, he set a new world record of four hours and 26 minutes. That is an astounding feat of strength and endurance.

A core of steel, but he’s a big softy inside. We couldn’t verify this, but the Youtube description claims: “September 26: 43-year-old Beijing special police deputy commander and member of the Beijing SWAT team Mao Weidong successfully challenged the ‘flat support’ Project Guinness Book of World Records. Mao Weidong insisted in 4 hours 26 minutes, because April 26 is the birthday of his wife.” The old record was a measly three hours and seven minutes.

Mentally and physically as strong as an ox, and a mush on the inside. Congratulations, Mao! We have no translation for the report below, but check out the position he had to hold for such a long time. Really impressive stuff.