The Rock inspires in mysterious ways. From his Hercules workout pics to his cool motivation poster, Dwayne’s Johnson’s mantra of “Focus, Inspire, Succeed,” is one all M&Fers can relate to.

Well, The Rock recently inspired competitive eater Matt Stonie to try the epic cheat meal that the Hercules: The Thracian Wars star told his followers he enjoyed after 150 days of eating clean.

This is a cheat meal of, if you will excuse the pun, Herculean proportions. This culinary voyage consists of a dozen chocolate chip pancakes, four double-dough pizzas and 21 peanut butter brownies. Stonie decided to up the ante even further by giving himself one hour to consume that amount of food.

We would not advise any M&Fer to try this, but you’ve got to admire Stonie’s sheer will and determination to achieve his goal and fight through the pain and discomfort to make it. The Rock caught wind of Stonie’s effort and took to Twitter to give him a virtual tip of the hat:

Here is Stonie in action: