Could Tom Hardy Be the Next Wolverine? Epic Fan Painting Shows What That Might Look Like.

In light of the Disney and 21st Century Fox deal, new superheroes could be in line to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Are the X-Men next?

Could Tom Hardy Be the Next Wolverine?
Jason LaVeris/Getty | Gareth Cattermole/Getty

With Disney set to acquire a large portion of 21st Century Fox, including the rights to franchises like X-Men and Avatar, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could see some new characters in their favorite superhero flicks.

Though it's still unclear how Marvel might incorporate the X-Men into its existing universe, speculation among fans has been running wild—especially when it comes to Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman seems to have officially moved on from the scruffy, mutant superhero—a role with which he's pretty much become synonymous, considering he's played it for the last 17 years. And while there are plenty of actors who could take on the part and do it justice, Jackman himself has name-dropped one actor who would make a near-perfect fit.

Enter: Tom Hardy. The ultra-ripped British actor has been known to bulk up for roles like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Venom film. Could Wolverine be next?

If you've been asking yourself that very same question, you're not alone. Artistically talented fans across the Internet have imagined what Hardy as Wolverine would look like in stunning works of art, including this epic painting by Jimmy Vong, a freelance illustrator. Check it out in the Twitter post below: