Robbie Strauss, pro wrestler and star of the Muscle & Fitness “Dad Bod Destroyer” video series, has gotten creative with his workouts since his 15-month-old twin boys, Cash and Carter, were born. 

The 34-year old New Jersey native goes by Robbie E in the ring, but his role as a dad is his main priority, and that’s where the idea for his #DadBodDestroyer workouts comes from. In lieu of spending time away from his sons to hit the gym or skipping workouts to spend more time with them, Strauss started using his 20-pound sons as weights.

“Their excuse is, ‘Well, I have kids, so if I have any free time, I want to spend it with my kids,’” he told Fox News. “But you really only need 20 minutes a day to sweat or get a pump in, so at least you’re doing something.”

Strauss recommended three exercises to the news outlet: squat and shoulder press, triceps extension, and abs and oblique twist. Check out his video interview and workout demo here, and find more of Strauss’ Dad Bod Destroyer moves weekly on our Instagram at @muscle_and_fitness.

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