Conor McGregor won the UFC lightweight championship belt back in December 2016, but his reign as the champ could come to an end if he doesn’t act fast. UFC President Dana White told Fox Sports that he’s considering vacating the lightweight belt because McGregor took such a long break from the UFC—a hiatus during which he stepped into the boxing ring for a megafight with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Conor is saying he’s thinking about coming back in September,” White said. “If he comes back in September, that’s almost two years—that can’t happen. It’s just not fair to everyone else.”

“I love Conor, respect Conor, and love everything he has done for this company [but] the belt would have to move on, absolutely,” he added. This obviously wouldn’t be an easy decision, but Khabib Nurmagomedov is undoubtedly an emerging force deserving of a title shot.

“You do Khabib [Nurmagomedov] vs. Tony [Ferguson]. We’re working on that fight now,” White said.

But the news wasn’t all bad for McGregor, as White did indicate that he would definitely get a shot at the title if he returns.

“If and when Conor comes back, he will get the first crack at the title,” White affirmed. For UFC fans, this is a major step in seeing a pair of potentially blockbuster UFC cards: one for the lightweight belt, and the other for McGregor’s shot at the belt.

In this two-year gap, McGregor hasn’t just fought an enormously hyped boxing match, but also released a movie and went into business with some huge cooperations. Only time will tell when we’ll see him back in the Octagon.

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