The Rock, aka, Dwayne Johnson, is currently working on his latest project, Wake Up Call, a TNT reality series that will see the Pain & Gain star work with and inspire normal people who are facing challenges and need guidance and maybe a dose of motivation to overcome them.

The former WWE star, who recently shot a HBO pilot with Mark Wahlberg called Ballers, took to Twitter to update his followers on how the early days of shooting are going.

Yep folks, that is UFC President Dana White, and as The Rock says, he seems to have made a big impact on the show. However, imagine that you are having problems getting to the place you need to be or hitting those goals you set for yourself, and this guy comes along to offer you some advice on how he conquered obstacles in his way:

The Rock was also inspiring fans on Twitter with more of his motivational quotes:

And if you think anyone, least of all The Rock, made it on his own, think again: