If The Hangover – Part II had you jonesin’ for a raucous time in Bangkok, then we have just the reason you need to get to this fun city… besides all the debauchery, of course. 

On October 21st through 23rd, Bangkok’s opulent Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel will play host to the 2011 Asia Fitness Convention. This year’s convention will feature over 30 of the world’s premier fitness experts presenting a number of topics on health and wellbeing, fitness, performance, weight management and recovery/rehab. Among the experts will be our very own senior science editor, Dr. Jim Stoppani. 

Jim will be presenting three sessions this year: 

  • Your HIIT Workout Challenge, which will see Jim running participants through a variety of HIIT programs.
  • 5 Silliest Weight Loss Recommendations, in which Jim debunks common recommendations, like limiting salt intake.
  • Nutrition 911, in which he’ll explain the dangers of processed food ingredients, like trans fats and sugars.

In addition to Dr. Stoppani, M&F contributors, David Sandler and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss will also be presenting at this year’s Asia Fitness Convention. David will be presenting three sessions: 

  • Power Development Through Olympic Lifting
  • Periodization – The Ins and Outs of Practical Application 
  • Practical Applications of Biomechanics

In addition to these sessions, David will be teaching a course on preparing for the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA’s) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam on October 20th. The CSCS exam will be offered on October 24th as part of the Asia Fitness Convention.  

Tim will also be presenting three sessions:

  • Your Body Fat is Alive
  • 20 Most Asked Questions in Sports Nutrition
  • Training and Nutrition for Strength and Hypertorphy 

In addition, on October 24th Tim will be teaching a course on preparing for the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s (ISSN’s) Certified Sports Nutritionist by the ISSN (CISSN) exam, as well as proctoring the CISSN exam.

For more information on the 2011 Asia Fitness Convention log onto: http://www.asia-fitness.com/