Dwayne Johnson’s highly anticipated SuperVent Project Rock collection was greeted with a warm reception upon its release Thursday, headlined by his Rock Delta sneakers. According to sneakernews.com, “The shoes sold out immediately.” This is quite an impressive feat for a non-professional athlete to have his sneaker sell out, as this market is normally dominated by NBA players like LeBron James and Michael Jordan. 

Johnson took some time to show his appreciation for his fans on Instagram. He also detailed the process of putting his personal touch into the shoe. 

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Although the sneaker is currently sold out in stores, you can go online and pre-order a pair for when they’re available again. Also, Johnson did mention that “Under Armor is working fast to restock around the world.”

Outside of his clothing line, he recently visited The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where he talked about Fate of the Furious and more.