Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos Shows Battle Scars from Recent Fight

The MMA fighter somehow survived after fracturing skull at Bellator 158.

Holy sh*t! How is this guy still alive?

No MMA fighter ever expects to walk away unscathed upon leaving the octagon, but Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos' devastating injury from his recent bout at Bellator 158 in London was especially unnerving. In case you missed the gory details, Santos suffered the skull fracture when he took a flying knee to the head from his opponent, Michael Page.

As you can see from the post-surgery photos Santos shared with MMA Fighting, the damage was highly disturbing. After the fight, referee "Big John" McCarthy said that the knee to the head “sounded like a baseball being hit out of the park.”

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Santos underwent a successful seven-hour surgery on Thursday to repair the skull fracture he endured in last Saturday's fight. "I had surgery yesterday, and thank God everything went fine," Santos told MMA Fighting before leaving the hospital on Thursday. "It lasted seven hours, and the hospital will give Bellator a full report later today. God guided the doctors in this surgery so everything went well." 

If you've got the stomach, take a look at how the damage was done. Be warned, this is one of the most brutal KO's you will ever see in any fight. 

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