Check out some deleted scenes from Generation Iron, the hugely successful bodybuilding documentary made by the same producers that brought us Pumping Iron.

The film, which follows seven bodybuilders as they prepare for Mr. Olympia, documents the challenges they face as they battle for a spot at the top of the podium to join the most exclusive club in bodybuilding: men who have won the Sandow Trophy.

These clips below didn’t make the final cut, but they offer some great insight into what it takes to be the best of the best. When a man who won Mr. Olympia takes time out to monitor and spot you during a workout, then his advice and tips are golden. In the first scene below, Hidetada Yamagishi gets the benefit of the wisdom and experience of Samir Bannout, who won the competition in 1983. Check out what Bannout’s philosophy on bodybuilding is all about.

In the second scene we get a little one-on-one with Lou Ferrigno, and he sets us straight on the importance of working out and how it was permeating every industry, Hollywood included.