In “Spoofing the Traffic Camera – Longboarding without Limits,” Decio Lourenco goes on a high speed descent down a public road in Cape Town, South Africa, hitting a speed of 68mph at one instance.

During the ride, the student set off a traffic cam in a 37mph zone. Lourenco reportedly had a GPS gadget on his ankle that clocked the high speeds that may have wowed boarders and, in turn, seriously pissed off local authorities.

The city’s safety officer was none too happy with the stunt and wants the police to caution Lourenco for reckless road behavior.

“We have handed over the matter to traffic officials and want him arrested,” said Smith, according to the Daily Mirror. “The speed limit is irrelevant. He is seen careering down the road in a reckless and dangerous manner.”

Lourenco argued that he knew what he was doing and was wearing a helmet and gloves for protection. “I accept that it’s dangerous, but so is stepping out of my front door,” said the 24-year-old, according to the Daily Telegraph. “I skate down that road all the time and was skating well within my limitations.”

Fellow longboarder and pal Andre Roux, who shot the footage of the ride down  in the car behind Lourenco, told IOL News that Lourenco was not a novice at this kind of ride. “He’s proficient and he definitely knows what he’s doing. Lourenco has been skating around Cape Town for eight years… nobody knows the streets better than him.

 “People who watch the video and say that he has a death wish are wrong. He was fully in control of what he was doing.” Roux went on to say that young people should not try this kind of downhill ride as one error could cost a boarder his or her life.