Keith Liddell may not have arms like Wladimir Klitschko, but he sure knows how to throw a punch, and a fast one at that.  Liddell, according to this report, is the world record holder for the fastest martial arts punch. He has been recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for the feat, and in this news clip the reporter reveals that Liddell is also a mathematician and has published a book. Way to go, Keith!

Usain Bolt showed that he is human this week when Justin Gatlin beat him in the 100m sprint at a Diamond Series meet in Rome, Italy. This is the first time the big Jamaican has been defeated since his false start DQ in South Korea at the 2011 World Championships. Justin Gatlin got the better of him in the Italian capital by clocking a 9:94.

Do you act like these ladies in the gym? This clever reverse gender stereotype spoof makes us laugh, but at the same time, it gives us pause for thought. Can any of you guys see a little bit of yourself in these caricatures?

We stumbled across this trailer to a Russian MMA show who while doing some stellar, em, research during the week. These guys are not playing. They are taking part in “Hip Show.” On the English version of the show’s website, they pitch the program as follows: “Imagine a 12m by 12m Arena… then add three-level structures up to 2 meters high. And if that’s not exiting enough, imagine a team fight in equal or powerplay line-ups! That’s right – we’re not talking about “single combat”. Hip show is all about team battle, team spirit, training partnerships and tactical savvy. Our Fighters can use any style of contact martial arts.”

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Last weekend, Miguel Zuniga and Daquan Arnett duked it out in a light middleweight fight at the BB&t Center in Sunrise, Fla. In the fifth round, Zuniga let his machismo get the better of him in the heat of battle when, after a spirited exchange, he beckoned Arnett to give him his best shot. Well, Arnett duly obliged, and one sharp left hook later Zuniga was on the seat of his pants. Zuniga’s corner threw in the towel and the fight was stopped. The lesson here: Don’t write checks that your chin can’t cash.