Lesson one: Before you get into an argument with someone, know the players they’ve got on their roster to call for backup. It’s common sense.

That line of thinking clearly wasn’t apparent for the unfortunate neighbors of Hakan Acar’s aunt. Acar, better known as the “Turkish Hulk,” was allegedly called in by his aunt to settle a petty parking dispute, according to reports. The crux of the issue is that “they [her neighbors] took offense at her leaving her car in front of their house—despite it being a public road.” She believes that they parked their car in front of her driveway as revenge, so she called her nephew in to solve the problem once and for all.

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Where you stand on this issue doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the “Tulk” moved a vehicle that probably weighs a few thousand pounds with relative ease. But Acar wasn’t as impressed with himself as we were while watching the clip, saying, “I’ve pulled eight-and-a-half-ton trucks before so a one-ton Corsa wasn’t going to be a problem.”


If you take a casual scroll through his Instagram page, you’ll quickly realize how this strongman earned his name.

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