Meet Steve Austin!

Straight out of the pages of Muscle & Fitness, Steve Austin is making a special guest appearance at the M&F Olympia Expo booth! For an hour and a half on Saturday, Steve will be signing autographs and answering your questions about training, nutrition, or whatever you’d like. While you’re getting your copy of M&F (or body part of your choice) signed, be sure to ask him about his upcoming movie Damage.

Date and Time: Saturday September 26th, 12 Noon-1:30PM

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Mr. Olympia Expo, Muscle & Fitness Booth

Cost: FREE

For those of you who are unable to attend the Olympia, we also have an upcoming live chat with Steve. Submit your questions and stay tuned to M&F for details!

Steve Austin On…

Being an Alpha Male: “I would always consider myself an alpha male. I’m a leader, not a follower. That’s just the way I like to live my life. You’re not gonna get too far following people down the road. You’ve got to make your own path and go for it.”

His will to succeed: “I think that’s inborn, but it’s also something I realized along the way. It didn’t matter where I grew up. My drive to be number one, to be the best, would have been the same either way.”

Competition: “I was born with a competitive nature. With football, I had a killer instinct. I was gonna knock the hell out of whoever was across from me, or run the ball right down their throat. I just never had the desire to be second best at anything. Never. I was definitely born with that.”

Hollywood: “Sometimes when you’re like me and you’re from a small town, you look around at some of the people in Hollywood and think everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but then you hear some of their stories and you realize that’s hardly the case.”

Cardio: “I don’t run anymore, but I have two cardio machines in my garage, and I do 90 minutes per day-45 minutes in the morning, and 45 after I train.”

Stone Cold: “Wrestling made me a great living, but I was never Stone Cold in my personal life.”

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