Gripping and ripping 580 pounds is an impressive feat that’ll earn you some serious cred among your fellow gym bros. And cleaning that much weight up to your shoulders is bananas. But pressing it all overhead? That’s some Thanos-type strength. Well, Georgian weightlifter—and the gold medalist in the 105+ kilogram class at the 2016 summer Olympic games—Lasha Talakhadze completed all three of those lifts in one fowl swoop when he clean and jerked 264 kg (or 582 pounds) to set the unofficial world record. Take a look:

This 6’6″, 360-pound Manimal is only 24 years old, which means he’ll most likely be headed to Tokyo, Japan in 2020 to defend his title. And we wouldn’t be shocked to see Talakhadze—who also boasts a world-record snatch of 484 pounds (220 kg)—make history by being the first man to put up 600 pounds (272 kg) for the clean and jerk.