Hadi Choopan impressed bodybuilders and fans everywhere last year with a third place finish in his first-ever Mr. Olympia contest. And while it remains to be seen if “The Persian Wolf” will be able to step foot on stage in Las Vegas this year, he’s wasting no time reminding us why he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Choopan recently uploaded a training clip in which he tackles a sort-of descending ladder squat workout that has our quads burning just watching him. He starts off with what appears to be 675 pounds and hits two solid reps.

One plate is taken off on each side before he proceeds to hit two more reps, and then another two plates are taken off. He then does three reps before another plate is removed until he calls it a day at two reps at 225 and receives a well-earned round of applause from his workout partners.

Take a look at it for yourself here.

It takes a hell of a lot of strength to hit a 675-pound squat for even one rep, nevermind to keep going for more right after. And while bodybuilders may live in the weight room, not many of them are none for being brutally strong — unless you’re Ronnie Coleman that is.

With everything going on with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to tell if Choopan will be able to make it to the United States for the 2020 Mr. Olympia. Not only did he take the bronze in last year’s contest, but he was voted the People’s Champion and it’s clear bodybuilding fans want to see more of him.

And while we don’t speak Persian, a visit to Google Translate tells us that Choopan is preparing for something big (what that is we don’t know). “This is the beginning of construction,” he wrote in the post, according to Google Translate.