Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the former World’s Strongest Man and Iceland’s strongest man for 9 consecutive years, may soon also become the world’s strongest and largest vegan

Thor, aka “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones, announced on Instagram he’s “willing” to try a plant-based diet for a short time after he was asked to consider it by bodybuilder Kai Greene, who is giving veganism a try after watching Game Changers, the documentary that chronicles the rise of plant-based athletes and the science of why it might be better for you than an omnivorous diet 

“I might as well give it a try for a week on my offseason,” Thor wrote on one of Greene’s posts. “I’m always willing to give everything a chance! Especially when it comes from legends like @schwarzenegger & @kaigreene.” Schwarzenegger appears in and produced Game Changers.

A transition to plant-based eating would be strange for Thor, considering he just posted a .GIF of himself eating meat with the caption “Carnivore.” 

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Carnivore ??? .

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Greene reposted one of the images and said, “Look at gorillas bro they only eat plants!” For the record, adult gorillas eat up to 45 pounds of food per day. “All jokes aside tho, a vegan diet is more effective for a strongman than a bodybuilder,” Greene wrote, “so you’ll see better benefits than I would.” 

If Greene is trying to convince other fitness celebrities to go—ahem—green, this could indicate that he’s sticking with a vegan diet for the long haul. Would Thor actually do it? 

He wouldn’t be the first vegan Strongman — German powerlifter Patrik Baboumian, who is featured in Game Changers, has set multiple world records, including a 44-pound front hold for 86 seconds, on a plant-based diet. But we know from watching four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw and deadlift world-record holder Eddie Hall that most strongmen thrive on diets filled with bison and ribeyes. 

It’s also been reported that Thor eats nearly 8,000 calories per day. That would mean the Icelandic giant would have to eat an insane amount of plant-based food to meet that mark. 

While it’s unclear if he’ll actually give veganism a go, the fact that Thor is even considering it shows that Game Changers is making a huge mark in the sporting world. Keaton Hoskins, aka “The Muscle” from the Discovery Channel’s show Diesel Brothers, also commented on Greene’s post saying he might try out a plant-based diet. While he’s no Thor, Hoskins is a pretty large guy, too. 

Will we see any other athletes consider veganism? Only time will tell.