Vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian made a mark for plant eaters all over the work when he hauled a yoke weighing 550kg (1212.54 pounds) for 10 meters at the Toronto VegetarIan Food Festival on September 8.

The feat cannot be officially called a world record until the proper documentation has been filed and verified by Guinness, but the video below shows how much the effort meant to the German, who stopped eating meat in 2006 and went one step further in 2011.

“I just realized that if it’s really compassion that drives you, maybe it’s not enough just to stop eating animals but you maybe should boycott the whole animal industry, because … it’s not what you as a compassionate being would want. So actually you should go one step further and become vegan,” he told the Toronto Star of his lifestyle change.

Check out the feat of fitness here: