The Hateful 8's Best Kept Secret

What does the director's 8th film have in store for Tatum?


You never saw him in the trailer or in the pictures, but Channing Tatum fought tooth and nail to play the character 'Jody' in The Hateful Eight.  Actually, he sent an email to Quentin Tarantino every day for a month until he was noticed.  He told Jimmy Fallon that if he could have had his way, he would have locked himself in a room with the other actors that were hoping to get the spot, and the last person out alive would land the gig. Thankfully, it didn't come to that.

Tatum is the hidden gem of Tarantino's film. He plays a very brief, but absolutely critical role (we aren't giving anything away here).

Check out the movie trailer:

The Hateful 8 is currently playing in theaters. You'll really want to see the movie for the timeless acting of Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson. We can't speak for your girlfriend though.      

Photo Courtesy of the Weinstein Company

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