Hugh Jackman Poses with His Pack at the Dog Pound

Hugh and his motley crew meet six days a week at the crack of dawn to pump serious iron.

Dog Pound Members

You might have noticed Hugh Jackman working out in a Dog Pound T-shirt lately:


Hey DJ. It's 5:45am in NYC. No hurricane .....just time to FOCUS!!!!! @TheRock

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Or here he is at work with more of his Dog Pound buddies:



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It turns out that Hugh has become the ultimate training partner to some like-minded gym rats who meet every day (with a Sunday rest day) at 5:45 in a New York City gym to work out. If that doesn't motivate you to get up for a 5:45 am workout, we don't know what will. A recent piece on Vulture talks about the genesis of the group and all its members. Turns out that some of the guys have kids at the same school as the Wolverine. The men hail form all walks of life and include Tom Farley, the President of the New York Stock Exchange and a couple of Olympians. The group is called the dog pound after Jackman's dog Dali, who was in this tweet Hugh directed at The Rock, inviting the Hercules star to join them:

The moral of the story: Find some a good crew that's as serious as you about paying your dues at the gym and get it done!

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