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Lou Ferrigno boasts one of the most impressive physiques to never win an Olympia. But his amazing proportions earned him a place among bodybuilding’s all-time elite and a starring role as The Incredible Hulk, one of the most famous comic book characters ever. Today, Lou is still one of the most popular figures in the sport and, at 56, is still in pretty impressive shape.

That dedication to fitness has trickled down to his boys, Lou Jr. and Brent, as you’ll see in "The Incredibles" in this month’s issue of M&F. Both of his sons possess well-muscled physiques and, thanks in large part to dad’s influence, a knack for getting the most out of them.

We posed a few additional questions to 23-year-old Lou Jr. – pictured here getting a spot from dad – about what it’s like training with his dad and what his own training goals are.

M&F: You’re obviously built like your dad. When did you start working out like him?

Lou Jr.: When I played ball at USC as a senior, I started lifting with bigger guys. That’s when I started putting on muscle and getting stronger. I also gained size.

M&F: Do you have desire to become as large as your dad?

Lou Jr.: Nah. I don’t want to be as big as he was in his prime. He was a monster, like 300 pounds.

M&F: What kind of physique are you working towards?

Lou Jr.: I just want an aesthetically pleasing, smooth physique.

M&F: When you look at your dad, is there one body part you admire?

Lou Jr.: Oh, yeah. I’ll take his arms. They’re huge!

M&F: How often do you get to lift with him?

Lou Jr.: We try to lift as much together as we can. Usually once a week or so. Sometimes more.

M&F: What’s it like working out with him?

Lou Jr.: It’s great. He trains hard and he’s a perfectionist when it comes to lifting. He’s always making sure Brent and I are using proper form. He’ll correct us even if our form is off just a little bit. But that strategy got him to where he is, so you can’t really argue with it.

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