Abeesh Dominic, a native of Poonjar in the Kottayam district of India, is an absolute savage. The 25-year old made his way into the Guinness Book of World Records for officially crushing 124 coconuts in less than a minute with his bare hands.

Now, he had smashed 145 coconuts in less than 50 seconds, but the number of fully-crushed coconuts added up to 124. Regardless, he beat the previous record of 118 coconuts smashed, held by German Muhamed Kahrimanovic.

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This is not the first record Dominic holds, as the day-time motor mechanic has already made it into the Assist World Record, American Setter Record, Limca Book of Records, and the Universal Record Forum in categories such as breaking hockey sticks and helmets with bare hands, pulling a bus with bare teeth, and stopping a pedestal with his tongue.

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This video above is just some of the evidence that has been sent to Guinness World Records, and will be officially awarded the title in a few months time after review.

This is still an impressive feat, although totally useless in modern society, but impressive nonetheless.