Bradley Castleberry has nearly 750,000 followers on Instagram, but the super-jacked lifter has encountered some criticism lately among the online lifting community. Some lifters, including Nick Miller of the Nick’s Strength and Power YouTube channel, have claimed that, in their opinions, Castleberry is allegedly using “fake weights” to boost his numbers.

After a quick stroll through his Instagram feed, it’s clear Castleberry is legitimately strong. He’s got biceps the size of cantaloupes, and more ab definition than Zac Efron’s Baywatch eight-pack. 



Miller, in the video embedded below, argues that Castleberry’s lifts may not be as heavy as Castleberry claims. Miller points out that Castleberry typically uses the same hexagonal weight plates in his videos—even when other weights in the background of his videos are clearly round. Furthermore, Miller claims, fake weights can be purchased online at sites like

Castleberry has not yet responded on Instagram to Miller’s claims. Muscle & Fitness could not independently verify Miller’s claims.

Castleberry has also gotten some attention from bodybuilding legend Mike O’Hearn, who, at an expo earlier this month, publicly challenged Castleberry to a lift-off between Castleberry and former NFL veteran Heath Evans (who is also a beast in his own right), and would include a series of different strength and agility tests.

“Alright, so: These guys are monsters,” O’Hearn says in the video below. “And we are going to collide these two worlds of the athletic meta-human against a vet NFL stud. We’re going to do this live in San Diego. We’re going to get out, run some 40s, run some agility work, we’re going to do some squat-offs, some bench-offs, we are going to have some fricking-ass fun. So, are you ready for this?”

Castleberry has also refused to compete in power-lifting contests in the past, despite having been offered as much as $10K to enter, win or lose, according to Maxim. No date has been set for O’Hearn’s challenge as of yet.