James Harrison Adds Chains for Greater Gains in Latest Exhibition of Brute Strength

The Steelers linebacker ratchets up the intensity during the bench press.

James Harrison Adds the Chains for Greater Gains
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When it comes to finding new and effective ways to add muscle and strength, James Harrison is a master. 

The All-Pro linebacker is a true gym rat who thrives on pushing his body to the limit with a variety of muscle-building, weightlifting exercises, and he's not shy about sharing his lifting conquests and failures with his many social media fans. 

In his latest exhibition in the weight room, Harrison adds some extra iron to his bench press. Check out the clip, and heed his words—"DO NOT try this!"—especially without a spotter.

"Get it or die trying" DO NOT try this!

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Of course this isn't the first time Harrison got in beast mode to crush a difficult lift. Here's another recent session of the strongman hoisting some heavy-ass weight.

Think I'm go hit @homedepot after this workout

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It's no wonder the savvy Steeler is still able to compete with the world's greatest football players at the age of 39. Just look at the dedication he shows when knocking out these weighted dips. 

Getting ready for flex Friday

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Even when the veteran LB is not working on his strength in the weightroom, he'll find a way to do it during a more leisure activity like the one below. Who's got next?

@vinnywill98 It's called a one handed Danneyball throw.

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