Joe De Sena, founder of the world’s leading obstacle course race, Spartan Race, has never been one to censor himself — and he’s not letting the COVID-19 pandemic stop that. De Sena has continued to push people past their limits, except now he’s doing so on social media instead of forcing them to do burpees on a remote mountain.

In an upcoming interview with Muscle & Fitness, he spoke about his work ethic and the business of Spartan Race during this difficult time, and why he chose to travel to Greece despite strong recommendations not to fly internationally.

We also talked to him about how the virus has changed the he goes about his daily routines and how he stays optimistic.

Here are some highlights from his upcoming podcast appearance.

Pre-Dawn Training Spartan Cofounder Joe De Sena in Sparta, Greece

Pre-Dawn Training With Spartan Cofounder Joe De Se...

'Muscle & Fitness' got a sneak peek of Spartan Race Greece.

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