UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Challenger Alexander Gustafsson came eyeball-to-eyeball at a recent Los Angeles press conference to promote their headline fight at UFC 165. The two MMA fighters had an intense face-off, with Gustafsson getting right up in the champion’s grill to show that he is not in the least intimidated with the challenge that lies ahead of him in Toronto on September 21. While Jones, who will be featured in the October issue of Muscle & Fitness, played it cool, he did meet fire with fire as both men sized each other up.

UFC President Dana White stepped in to separate the two fighters before anyone decided to throw a punch, but he did so with a coy smile as he knew the stare down just ramped up the intensity and interest in the fight even further. It would seem that some words have allegedly been exchanged between a member of Gustafsson’s team and Jones, as the light heavyweight champion took to Twitter to update fans.

Check out this presser highlight video from our friends at FightHubTV. The face-off happens at around 6:09. Do you think Gustafsson has what it takes to test Jones? Let us know!