Kai Greene is undoubtedly one of the biggest and strongest bodybuilders out there. Like most, he accomplished this through a diet consisting of meats, eggs, and plenty of other animal-based products.

Now, “Mr. Getting It Done” will be looking to see if he can get it done with a new diet — and a plant-based one at that. After watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger-produced film Game Changers, Greene announced on Instagram that he’ll be trying out the new diet for a week.

“I always knew the Green in my last name would mean to stand for something,” he said in a post that ended with the hashtag #GameCHANGER. 

In another post, he said the world turned its back on Popeye the sailor when his name became associated with chicken, rather than spinach. “Damn I feel terrible,” he wrote.

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While some welcomed Greene’s decision as a major win for the vegan community, others called it a horrible move by the veteran bodybuilder. He responded to one commenter, who predicted Greene would soon abandon the diet, saying, “I’m trying it out for 7 days – bro watch the doc. Def makes you think.”

Game Changers, which was recently released on Netflix, chronicles the rise of athletes who follow plant-based diets. Schwarzenegger has said people should not only cut down on meat for health reasons, but to reduce greenhouse emissions as well.

There’s been much debate over whether athletes can excel on a plant-based diet, with some arguing that plants don’t have the protein available to help facilitate muscle recovery. But it appears to have convinced at least one person to try going plant-based. Greene said the film spoke to him.

“Idk if you guys saw that Game Changers doc on Netflix but it sure got me all messed up about meat,” he wrote. A few people in Greene’s comments said they’re considering giving up animal products, too.

We’re not sure if Greene will keep up this new diet when the week is over, but it’ll be interesting to see the Predator’s thoughts on it either way.

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