Kim Un Guk Sets New World Record with 154kg Snatch

The North Korean dominated the 62 kg class at the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea.

Kim Un Guk

Olympic gold medalist Kim Un Guk broke the snatch record for the 62 kg (136.687 pounds) class at the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, over the weekend when he lifted 154 kg (339.512 pounds). The North Korean had a meet to remember. With a successful clean and jerk of 174 kg (383.604 pounds), he set a new combined record of 328 kg (723.116 pounds).

However, the 25-year-old still had enough in the tank to break his own combined record when he aced his 178 kg (392.423 pounds) clean and jerk attempt to set another new combined mark of 332 kg (731.935 pounds).

Fellow North Korean Om Yun Chol, who also won a gold at London 2012 and competes in the 56 kg (123.459 pounds) class, set a new world record with a 170 kg (374.786 pounds) clean and jerk on his way to the top of the podium with a combined 298 kg (656.977 pounds) after a 128 kg (282.192 pounds) snatch.

Check out the footage of Kim Un Guk's record snatch lift:

Here is Om Yun Chol's 178 kg clean and jerk:

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